Our team has decades of hands on experience “pounding the pavement” not just in the classroom but from beginning to end – CRIME SCENE TO THE COURTROOM, no matter where it took them. Our teams extensive experience in death investigations, interview techniques and preparation, violent crime scene processing, autopsy review, psychological behavior review, major crimes, human trafficking, critical incident techniques, crisis intervention techniques, forensic collection and submission, case preparation checklist, case solvability, fraud, public corruption, witness relocation.


Our team of volunteers consist of professionals that have spent decades investigating violent homicides committed in our community. Our group of volunteers have grown overnight. They have proven track records with high solvability and closure ability and a passion to continue giving back to our community and public safety.

A strong coalition of community and law enforcement collaborating will allow the foundation the ability to offer assistance with cold case review from an independent objective viewpoint based on existing evidence and/or records, documents, statements that currently exist.

Our diverse and experienced team also consist of marketing media professionals passionate about raising awareness in a collaborative effort with law enforcement agencies. Through the use of various platforms we create and share content that could generate new leads in a case.