Get Involved

Make it go viral!

RTCF believes everyone and anyone can be apart of solving some the coldest cases in Virginia.

The most effective way to get involved is by taking advantage of something that most of us do daily. We log onto our social media accounts and simply share.

The purpose of RTCF is to raise awareness and tell the stories of victims who can no longer speak for themselves. The power of social media has become a tool that helps police bring criminal cases to resolve. The theory of RTCF is that every time one of our stories is shared, it will eventually land in the eyesight of someone who has knowledge about the case.

“If you know something say something” is the rule of thumb for law enforcement but that rule is not typically followed where most suspicious crimes occur because of another cliche saying, “snitches get stitches.”

The best way to combat crime and protect our communities is to actually speak up when you know that someone is being or has been harmed. If you are a witness to a crime and you withhold information, the perpetrator will continue to terrorize the community. Once a criminal feels they have gotten away with murder, they are likely to do it again. So, let’s share what we know and allow the criminal justice process to begin.